Robert Moore Architect 
 8427 Fletcher Bay Road NE 
 Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 
 (206) 842-6366 Miscellaneous Residences and Details Residence Front View Exterior of Residence Exterior of Residence

Robert Moore Architect
8427 Fletcher Bay Rd NE
Bainbridge, WA 98110
P (206) 842-6366
F (206) 842-6113

Residence 1
Residence 2
Residence 3
Residence 4
Residence 5
Residence 6
Residence 7
Residence 8

Soffit and trellis detail Interior detail upstairs View of residence from street Garage detail with stonework and custom doors Stonework in entry garden
Rear patio and bay window View of waterfront residence Entry detail Window detail Gable end detail with window box and trellis
Entry detail Entry detail Gate detail Playhouse Kitchen detail
Stair detail Patio swing detail Window detail Entry Exterior detail
Entry gate detail Gate detail Soffit detail Stonework Window and stone detail
Window, stucco and stone detail Built-in deail stone and timber craftsmanship Outdoor shower Entry light with masonry Door detail
Library Fireplace detail Door detail Interior detail hall and balcony Stair detail
Kitchen detail Kitchen detail Bath detail Bath detail Phone detail

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